Know Before You Glow...


Shower, shave, and exfoliate your skin, preferably within 24 hours prior to your session, no less than four hours prior. Make sure your skin is free and clear of lotions, oils, and makeup.

Exfoliation is key to an even tan!


Although barrier cream is applied to your palms during prep, be sure not to touch your palms to any recently sprayed part of the body, as the solution will transfer to your palms (which we do not want). Palms are not sprayed during your session, and it can be difficult to remove the color from the palms once it has developed.

Gently wash your hands with water half way through the development period after your tan is applied. The skin on the hands is much more dry than the rest of the body, so they tend to absorb too much of the solution and get TOO tan/dry looking. If you are doing the standard 8 hour formula, only allow the solution to settle into the skin on your hands for a few hours, and not the 8 hours it takes for the rest of your body to develop the tan.

Wear loose clothing after your session, and do not shower or work out, avoid sweating or getting wet for 6-10 hours after your tan is applied.

Tight clothing and straps can remove the solution from parts of your skin before the tan gets a chance to develop, resulting in tan lines or un-evenness.

For best results, I highly recommend the Premium Rapid Tan formula, it is quick drying, and develops in half the time. This solution does not have any sticky feel to it, and develops in approximately 1-4 hours instead of 8. This formula ensures the best results.

You will likely appear darker than desired prior to showering, do not panic, this is just a result of the bronze-tinted tanning solution ON TOP OF your developed tan within the skin. When you shower, the bronze solution will wash away and you’ll be left with your natural-looking tan. If you opt for the Premium Rapid Tan formula, you may feel that you are lighter than your desired results after showering, do not worry, the actual tan (DHA) is still developing even after you shower.

Tans typically last 7-12 days with gradual fading, but be sure to moisturize regularly and stay hydrated to ensure even fading and a hydrated glow. When showering after your tan has developed, try to use hydrating products such as moisturizing body wash, and avoid bar soaps that can dry out your skin and cause your skin to dry out, and visibly impact the appearance of the tan.